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by Darla Day

Released 2018
Released 2018
"Different people change the world." -Jenson Day
  • 02:53 Story Lyrics Different

    Songwriters: Darla Day (BMI) / Martha Christian (ASCAP)
    ©2018. All rights reserved.

    Kids stare as he rolls on by
    They say "what's wrong with him?"
    Way too many times
    Of course he can talk
    Of course he can hear
    It's just another day, just another year

    If they could only see
    All the hidden possibilities
    Same hopes, same dreams
    He just plays a different way
    If they would only wait
    Stay and hear all that he has to say
    They'd hear him say
    "Some people stay the same
    But different people change the world"

    Mountains are in front of him
    But his determination
    Will never dim
    He knows that he can
    If he just gets a chance
    He's waiting on the edge ready to dance


    Invite the uninvited
    Pick the last one standing
    Be kind to every kind
    Look for unique
    Their difference could be
    Exactly what you need


    Some people stay the same
    But different people change the world

    Kids stare as he rolls on by
    They say "what's wrong with him?"
    Way too many times

  • 02:53 Different (Performance Track with Backing Vocals)
  • 02:53 Different (Instrumental Performance Track)
Indie Artist Darla Day is known by many throughout the community as a local worship leader, vocalist with Orchestra Kentucky and most recently MOM to a now 12-year-old Facebook Superstar named Jenson Elijah Day.

As a newborn, Jenson experienced traumatic brain injury due to meconium aspiration. After a year or so of slow development and lagging behind on childhood milestones, Jenson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Although his disability keeps him from using his muscles the way he wants (and for now, keeps him from walking), Jenson's condition doesn't limit his creativity, ingenuity and love for others. The best way to describe Jenson is that he's a brilliant little boy stuck in a body that doesn't always work the way he wants it to.

That's where his parents come in. Chad and Darla see themselves as the ones who bring all of Jenson's ideas and dreams to life. From songwriting to authoring books and building whatever his imagination dreams up, Jenson's parents, friends and family are his hands and feet.

Darla's new song "Different" is about Jenson's journey with a disability and includes a very meaningful quote from Jenson himself: "Different people change the world."

T-shirts with Jenson's quote are being sold here on Darla's website in the Merch Store.

Watch Darla's "Different" music video on YouTube. (Search for "Darla Day - Different")

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