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Dear America (Instrumental Track)

Darla Day
© 2017
Writers: Darla Day and Martha Christian


Dear America, the sea still shines
We raise our flags and banners high
Freedom rings from every mountainside
You’re still majestic and we have faith
God still gives grace to make us great
There’s beauty still beneath our spacious skies
Oh America, the place we live
The air we breathe, the hands we give
The very things that make us who we are
To America, red, white and blue
The place we work, the lives we choose
Dear America, we sing this song for you
For courageous ones who risk it all
Who take a stand or take a fall
We recognize the sacrifice it takes
Leaving those behind who need you most
You give in ways that no one knows
Heroically defending still today
With the citizens of this home of mine
We’re strong and brave, now is our time
To reconcile and step across the lines
See, I need you and you need me
If we’re gonna hang on to liberty
So let’s pledge to live together side by side
Dear America, we sing this song for you

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