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Lamb of God

Darla Day
© 2005
Song Writers: Nicole C. Mullen/David Mullen


Once upon a long night
After a hard ride
Somewhere in Bethlehem
A baby breaks the silence
Sweetly He’s crying
“I am Emmanuel”
Then angels gave Him music
Shepherds gave rev’rence
And a message to the land
A widow held and cherished
The God who became a man

O Lamb of God
O Prince of Peace
What tribute shall
I bring to worship Thee?
I have no gold
To lay at Your feet
So Lamb of God
I offer me

Can you see the wise men?
A star to guide them
Searching all the earth
‘Til they found the one child
The very God child
Who ruled the universe
Did they know the lady’s little baby
Was God and fully man
And everything they gave Him
He Himself had made with His hands


I bring You all my hopes
I bring You all my dreams
I give You all my soul
My mind and all my strength
I wrap them all inside my heart
To give to Thee
And I come

O Come let us adore Him
O Come let us adore Him
O Come let us adore Him


O Lamb of God, I offer me

© 2001 Wordspring Music, Inc., Lil’ Jas Music (Adm. by Wordspring Music, Inc.) / SESAC / Funkabilly, Who’s JO (Admin. by JO Music Services, LLC) / ASCAP / “O Come All Ye Faithful” Traditional (Public Domain)

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