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My Holiday

Darla Day
© 2005
Song Writers: Darla Day/Mark Phillips


I can still see the glow
From the twinkling lights
Blurring my eyes to see
The kaleidoscope just right
I can still feel the warmth
Of the crackling fire
Sipping hot cocoa
Watching snow glitter all night
Shopping and sleigh bells,
Trimming the tree,
Snowballs and sledding,
Flurries tickle my cheek

My holiday
Magical in every way
Carols while we laugh and play
It’s my holiday
My Christmastime
Is sweetest with your hand in mine
Dancing in this place in time
That’s my holiday

I can still hear the laughter
Of family and friends
Dressed up dinners
And Christmas cards we sent
I can still recall
Memorizing my lines
I was an angel to guide shepherds
To what they would find
A bright star, a baby
A nativity scene
The birth of our Savior
That’s what Christmas means to me


Presents we give
Memories we share
Today is the best time
To show that we care


My holiday
My Christmastime
My holiday
That’s my holiday

© 2005 Darla Day (BMI) and Mark Phillips

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