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With Jesus Shining Bright

Darla Day
© 2016
Song Writers: Darla Day, Chris Carmichael


One day at a time is how we got here
Missing you hurts each day of the year
Seems just like yesterday and yet light years away
You couldn’t stay, had to fly away

I see you in the sun that shines
I see you in the stormy skies
When flowers bloom
In this house, in every room
I see you in my baby’s smile
How you loved us all the extra mile
Now I see you in the twinkling lights
With Jesus shining bright
With Jesus shining bright

Some battles are won, so bravely fought
With God all things are possible was what you taught
His timing’s what we need, His grace is how we’re freed
Despite our love, the good Lord called you from above

God gives us glimpses of what is to come
No tears, no pain or death
Praise God for He has won!
© 2016 Darla Day, Chris Carmichael

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