"Different People Change The World" 15oz. Bistro Coffee Mug
  • "Different People Change The World" 15oz. Bistro Coffee Mug
  • "Different People Change The World" 15oz. Bistro Coffee Mug
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Matte Black (Outside), Glossy Black (Rim/Halo), Glossy White (Inside)

This bistro coffee mug is sure to become a well-loved favorite! The mug features a beautiful matte black finish on the outside, a glossy black rim (or halo) and a glossy white inside.

15 oz. Hilo Bistro Coffee Mug • Mug and Imprint are kiln-fired for the highest quality. • Dishwasher Safe! • Imprint is permanent and will not scrape off.

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As a newborn, Darla and Chad's son, Jenson, experienced traumatic brain injury due to meconium aspiration. After a year or so of slow development and lagging behind on childhood milestones, Jenson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

Although his disability keeps him from using his muscles the way he wants to, Jenson's condition doesn't limit his creativity, ingenuity and love for others.

While in the kitchen one afternoon we were having an impromptu family meeting when Jenson says to us, "I like being different because different people change the world." He continued, "Same people stay the same. But different people change the world." (Darla wrote it down the moment he said it, knowing those words were not only true but profound.)

With that, "Different people change the world" merchandise was born. Since then over a thousand T-Shirts and several hundred Bistro Coffee Mugs have been sold!

And then came the song and music video (more "family projects" from the brainchild, Jenson Day.) That's how this works: he's the idea guy, and we get to do the work!

Anyway, that's the story behind "Different people change the world." Darla's song "Different" is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and most other digital music stores. And you can catch the "Different" music video on YouTube.

Thanks for helping us spread the message!