By Darla Day and Jenson Day, Illustrated by Chad Day

A little kindness goes a long way as so many throughout our communities struggle with loneliness and depression. Charlie finds a way to bring a smile to many during his daylong journey of "cheer giving." And at the end of the day, Charlie receives an unexpected gift of his own! Children will love following Charlie and his red wagon along a journey that teaches the importance of kindness. A little kindness is "good medicine" for the soul—both theirs and yours.

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About The Authors —

DARLA DAY is an indie singer/songwriter, worship leader, and author based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. As an indie artist, Darla's heartwarming wedding song "Love of My Life (The Wedding Song)" has garnered unbelievable attention on YouTube. With over 27 million views, Darla's love song has become a favorite played and sung at weddings around the world. Charlie and the Cheerful Hearts is Darla's first published children's book. She "shares the stage" this time with her son, Jenson, a creative, fun-loving kid who was born with cerebral palsy.

About JENSON DAY: As a newborn, Darla and Chad Day's son, Jenson, experienced traumatic brain injury due to meconium aspiration. After a year or so of slow development and lagging behind on childhood milestones, Jenson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Although his disability keeps him from using his muscles the way he wants to, Jenson's diagnosis doesn't limit his creativity, inventiveness, or love for others. Jenson is excited to coauthor his first published children's book, Charlie and the Cheerful Hearts, with his mother, Darla Day.